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How to integrate technology with education ? SAMR

One of the most often used models for technology integration in education is the SAMR Model. Here is a quick overview for those that may not be familiar:

It starts with S for Substitution. Technology can substitute but the functionality stays the same. Writing on a chalkboard is the same function as writing on a whiteboard and writing on an overhead projector and smartboard (as long as all you are doing is project words and diagrams onto a board).

A is for Augmentation. Where technology has direct functional improvement over previous methods. This is like writing in a notebook by hand vs writing in Microsoft Word. The editing, saving, and other tools take the functionality up a notch.

M is for Modification. Now we have a scenario where students begin to use Google Docs to write and have real-time auto-saving and collaboration functionality. It has modified and redesigned the task to allow for new possibilities.

Finally, we have R for Redefinition. When my students took their Google documents that were collaborated on, and then shared them on a blog with students in Australia and Qatar it was redefining what previously was possible. Their feedback and collaboration across continents to create a script for a video they would publish and share with thousands of people online made a learning activity go beyond anything previously inconceivable.

Some view SAMR as a ladder.

Others view it as a swimming pool.

Source : http://ajjuliani.com/samr-missing-a-level/

And in this sketchy video John Spencer dives into a good overview of SAMR:



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