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Parent Vs Schools Disconnect

Many schools do not feel the need to understand parents’ preferences and expectations from a new school prior to starting the school.


Additionally, parents feel that schools need to be more transparent and open to suggestions in their working. Most parents also believe that schools need to continuously improve upon their internal processes in order to make them more customer-friendly.

Parental involvement can make a difference in a child’s education. Learning does not happen only in the confines of a classroom. Children learn a lot from the environment they live and grow. Parent have a big role to play in the learning process outside the school. To make parents feel more welcome in their child’s learning process we need to make the learning experience more transparent for parent. We need to involve parents in the day to day activities of their children.

The learning environment is rapidly changing, stay ahead of the change and BE FUTURE READY with edWhizz by E’kin.

About Company

(Ekin Knowledge) is an innovative ed-tech company in the space of personalized digital learning. edWhizz a cloud based mobile-first personalized digital learning platform which enables teachers to deliver differentiated instructions and personalized assessments based on student needs. 

edWhizz by E’kin is a personalized digital learning platform that MOTIVATES the teachers with pedagogical choice, ENGAGES Students  with personalized lessons and assessments and COLLABORATES with parents to provide real time information about their child.

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