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Technology can help teachers reach their goals

A new survey finds that many teachers aren’t yet experiencing the full benefit of technology.

Report cards are in, and classroom technologies could have scored better.

According to the Teachers’ Dream Classroom Survey, released this month by online and blended learning services provider Edgenuity, only 16 percent of teachers gave their schools an A grade for technology integration. Most teachers (53 percent) rated their schools at the B level, while nearly a third of teachers (31 percent) gave their schools a grade of C, D or F.

The ratings are significant, as the survey found an important link between technology integration and teacher success: Eighty percent of the teachers who gave their schools top marks said technology helps them achieve their objectives; this percentage decreased in conjunction with falling integration grades.

The survey results also reveal ties between technology integration and student engagement, and indicate that teachers would like to put more energy towardpersonalizing learning, with the belief that technology helps them realize that goal.

Check out the Edgenuity infographic below for more insights from the survey.

SOURCE: Edgenuity

Blog By Meg Conlan on http://www.edtechmagazine.com/


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