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xAPI lets applications share data about human performance (broadly defined). More precisely, xAPI lets you capture (big) data on human performance, along with associated instructional content or performance context information (i.e., experience).

xAPI applies “activity streams” to tracking data and provides sub-APIs to access and store information about state and content.

This enables nearly dynamic tracking of activities from any platform or software system—from traditional Learning Management Systems to mobile devices, simulations, wearables, physical beacons, and more.


Track any experience (formal, informal, or operational, online , offline)

  • Platform and subject-matter agnostic
  • Built upon RESTful and JSON (so it’s lightweight)
  • Human (and machine) readable
  • 100% free—no licensing fees or vendor lock-in
  • Open source and community maintained

Quantifiable, Sharable, Trackable

  • Capture formal and informal learning
  • Capture online and offline learning
  • Track Accomplishment like badges,
  • Track Achievements like academics
  • Track Attainments like certificates
  • High Fidelity & Low Fidelity Metrics (Effective Level)
  • Success Rate, Success Streak
  • Outcome Analyses
  • Skill Practise (Heat Map, Table View, Charts)
  • Question Test Analysis (First Attempt, Second Attempt, Best Attempt, Recent Attempt)

The freedoms of the Tin Can API

Statement freedom: the structure of “statements” using nouns, verbs and objects lets you record almost any activity. Think: “I did this.”

History freedom: the Tin Can API allows LRSs to talk to each other. LRSs can share data and transcripts with one another, and your experiences can follow you from one LRS (or organization) to another. Learners can even have their own “personal data lockers” with their personal learning information inside them.

Device freedom: any enabled device can send Tin Can API statements (mobile phones, simulations, games, a CPR dummy, the list goes on). A constant network connection isn’t necessary — occasional connectivity is fine.

Workflow freedom: tracking learning events doesn’t have to start or end in an LMS, it can start wherever the learner is and on whatever device they choose to use. Your content isn’t tied to an LMS.

What  can I track using xAPI?

  • Reading an article or interacting with an eBook
  • Watching a training video, stopping and starting it
  • Training data from a simulation
  • Performance in a mobile app
  • Chatting with a mentor
  • Physiological measures, such as heart-rate data
  • Micro-interactions with e-learning content
  • Team performance in a multi-player serious game
  • Quiz scores and answer history by question
  • Real-world performance in an operational context

Source:  https://tincanapi.com/

About Ekin Knowledge

Ekin Knowledge is an innovative Edutech company in the space of personalized learning. edWhizz by Ekin is a personalized learning platform which enables teachers to deliver differentiated instructions and personalized assessments based on individual student needs.


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