Ekin Knowledge enables schools to transform towards 21st century skills by empowering teachers with newer pedagogical methodologies with increased transparency & collaboration. It is a technology solution for the classroom keeping the teachers at the core. The product aims to improve the way a teacher engages, motivates and collaborates with her students.

1) Reduces administrative and academic workload of the teacher,

2) Enables Continuous Communication, Engagement and Collaboration,

3) Delivers Goal Based, Self-Paced and Adaptive Learning,

4) Supports Differentiated Learning,

5) Empowers teachers to deliver 21st Century skills to next gen students using latest mobile and web technologies.

Why are we doing this?

1) The teachers have a lot on their plates, i.e. manage classroom, course planning, parents communication, helping students, design assessment and grade students. Currently the problem in the schools is that teachers do not have a reliable toolkit which help them with the teaching and learning process. It is a time consuming process for lesson planning & instructional design. The teaching methodologies are still using conventional pedagogy. There is also limited access to teaching resources. This has resulted in teachers are not able to adapt any new teaching methodologies easily and thus stuck in the old way of teaching.

2) Teachers are also burdened with administrative & academic workload.  The teacher today follows a laborious manual process for grading and assignment design thereby lacking real time feedback data to students & parents.

3) Parents are also becoming more assertive in demanding quality education for their children. Moreover the weapons of survival in the 21st Century are skills like Creativity, Communication, Collaboration, Digital Literacy, and Critical Thinking

“This we believe can be solved by enabling teachers with a platform which simplifies the lesson planning and delivery process with option of choosing the right teaching methodologies with the right set of content thereby simplifying the perceived complexities in education. We would like to make the process of imparting education not just student friendly but also teacher friendly. This would enable teachers with 21st Century skills based teaching (E.g. Introduce Blended learning design, Flipped Classroom, Self-paced learning concepts, Project based learning), and enable classroom to Evolve to higher order thinking, support continuous Communication and Collaboration, providing access to quality teaching resources (pedagogy, instruction design practices, assessment design).


About edWhizz

edWhizz, product of Ekin Knowledge Systems, lets users create, deliver, monitor and assess differentiated course/curriculum content for educational institutes in a collaborative manner, which makes it easy for teachers to create instruction design content, Supports teachers in creating differentiated assignments, improves engagement of teachers and students in their homework and involves parents in the day to day activities of their child. The solution is designed ground up keeping the teacher at the centre and focuses on addressing parental need for information. The solutions enables teachers to motivate, engage and collaborate seamlessly with students, parents and other educational stakeholders

About Ekin Knowledge

Ekin Knowledge is an innovative Edutech company in the space of personalized learning. edWhizz is a personalized learning platform which enables teachers to deliver differentiated instructions and personalized assessments based on student needs.


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