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xAPI lets applications share data about human performance (broadly defined). More precisely, xAPI lets you capture (big) data on human performance, along with associated instructional content or performance context information (i.e., experience). xAPI applies “activity streams” to tracking data and provides sub-APIs to access and store information about state and content. This enables nearly dynamic… Continue reading WHAT’S EXPERIENCE API (xAPI)?

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Traditional Vs Blended / Flipped Classroom

By –  by Jason Suter and Chris Mangan Introduction Recently, blended, hybrid, and flipped learning have been hot topics of conversation in the educational community. Many educators use these terms interchangeably or find their definitions to be ambiguous. In this article, it is our intention to discuss some of the strategies common to these types of instruction… Continue reading Traditional Vs Blended / Flipped Classroom

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“By 2019, 50 percent of all high school courses will be delivered online”…Clayton Christensen in disrupting classes What is Blended Learning ? Blended Learning, or “technology-mediated instruction,“ or “web-enhanced instruction,“ is a formal education program in which a student learns 1.at least in part through delivery of content and instruction via digital and online media… Continue reading BLENDED LEARNING MODELS

21st Century Learning · Differentiated Instructions · Education Technology · Student Centered Learning

Science of Learning – 3 ways in which our brain develops

  About Ekin Knowledge Ekin Knowledge is an innovative Edutech company in the space of personalized learning. edWhizz by Ekin is a personalized learning platform which enables teachers to deliver differentiated instructions and personalized assessments based on individual student needs. STOP TEACHING, START GUIDING with edWhizz by Ekin

21st Century Learning · Blended Learning · Education Technology

What is Genius Hour in the classroom?

Genius Hour in the classroom is an approach to learning built around the student curiosity, self directed learning and passion-based work.

In traditional learning, teachers map out academic standards, and plan units and lessons based around those standards. In Genius Hour, students are in control, choosing what they study, how they study it, and what they do, produce, or create as a result. As a learning model it promotes inquiry, research, creativity, and self directed learning.

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Collaborative Learning in the classroom

In the summer of 1995, Larry Page, then 22, visited Stanford as a prospective PhD student in computer science. His tour guide was Sergey Brin, a 21-year-old mathematical whiz who was already pursuing his PhD in that department. Page elected to attend Stanford, and by 1996 he and Brin were good friends who were collaborating… Continue reading Collaborative Learning in the classroom

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Traditional Vs Flipped Learning

Introduction Recently flipped learning has been gaining ground in the educational community. In this article, it is my intention to discuss some of the difference and between traditional teaching and flipped learning. We all know how traditional classroom teaching happens. Teacher comes to class, blurts out the lectures, students take notes then go home and try to solve… Continue reading Traditional Vs Flipped Learning