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The secret driving force behind all learning

As a teacher what is the most frustrating thing? You put a lot of though into how to make your class interesting and the material as engaging as possible.Working so hard and still not able to improve the learning outcomes can be very frustrating.DrivingForceBehindLearning

You as a teacher have no one to blame, but yourself. The only person learning in the classroom is you, The Teacher.

META-COGNITION – or thinking about thinking is the secret and driving force behind all effective learning.

If you want your students to learn as much as possible, Then you should maximize the amount of META-COGNITION they are doing. It’s a pretty simple solution but the only problem is that most classrooms are setup to promote META-COGNITION in the teachers, not students.

Differentiated instructions, Personalized learning, Project based learning, Flipped Classroom shifts the META-COGNITIVE balance towards the students. We want our students to do as much of the thinking as possible, and that is why the worlds greatest teachers actively avoid teaching.

Teachers desire to help is exactly what is hurting, our students the most. Students know that teachers would do everything they could to help. So they stopped doing things for themselves. STOP TEACHING, START GUIDING.

About Ekin Knowledge

(Ekin Knowledge) is an innovative ed-tech company in the space of personalized digital learning. edWhizz a cloud based mobile-first personalized digital learning platform which enables teachers to deliver differentiated instructions and personalized assessments based on student needs. 

edWhizz by E’kin is a personalized digital learning platform that MOTIVATES the teachers with pedagogical choice, ENGAGES Students  with personalized lessons and assessments and COLLABORATES with parents to provide real time information about their child.