21st Century Learning

Traditional Vs Flipped Learning

Introduction Recently flipped learning has been gaining ground in the educational community. In this article, it is my intention to discuss some of the difference and between traditional teaching and flipped learning. We all know how traditional classroom teaching happens. Teacher comes to class, blurts out the lectures, students take notes then go home and try to solve… Continue reading Traditional Vs Flipped Learning

21st Century Learning

Personalized Learning Playbook – Your guide to introducing personalized learning in your classroom

When we talk to educators it is very easy to see the difference in the educators who already had a the PL Mindset.

They asked questions which helped them understand what happens in the classroom week after week. They asked about how the school was different than before, and what changes they made year-over-year.

The educators without the PL Mindset often asked about which digital content was being used and if the content worked. They often criticized what was happening in the classrooms and said they were doing it better at their own schools. They said they couldn’t do this work because of bell schedules, resources, lack of infrastructure, etc.