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Believe in our Children- Student Centered Learning

Our children will often exceed our expectations if only we give them an opportunity and believe in them.

What is Student Centered Learning 

Student Centered Learning

  • Inquiry Driven
  • Relationships Matter (partnerships)
  • Real World Relevance (portfolio)
  • Deeper Learning Outcomes

Gone are the days where only some kids can excel, Our society needs all kids to excel at high levels and to make this happen we need to engage our students like never before.



“SCL factors students skills, competencies and interest areas by making learning experience more personalized and involve students in his or her own future.



About Company

(Ekin Knowledge) is an innovative ed-tech company in the space of personalized digital learning. edWhizz a cloud based mobile-first personalized digital learning platform which enables teachers to deliver differentiated instructions and personalized assessments based on student needs. 

edWhizz by E’kin is a personalized digital learning platform that MOTIVATES the teachers with pedagogical choice, ENGAGES Students  with personalized lessons and assessments and COLLABORATES with parents to provide real time information about their child.