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Science of Learning – 3 ways in which our brain develops

  About Ekin Knowledge Ekin Knowledge is an innovative Edutech company in the space of personalized learning. edWhizz by Ekin is a personalized learning platform which enables teachers to deliver differentiated instructions and personalized assessments based on individual student needs. STOP TEACHING, START GUIDING with edWhizz by Ekin

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What is Genius Hour in the classroom?

Genius Hour in the classroom is an approach to learning built around the student curiosity, self directed learning and passion-based work.

In traditional learning, teachers map out academic standards, and plan units and lessons based around those standards. In Genius Hour, students are in control, choosing what they study, how they study it, and what they do, produce, or create as a result. As a learning model it promotes inquiry, research, creativity, and self directed learning.